Boat Slips

Moorage Rate Base Price Guide
updated February 2015
May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016

The following is a price reference for a yearly slip moorage. Prices are determined on an individual basis and are calculated in part by the slip location (inside slip vs. outside slip) slip width, and size of the vessel (width, length, and height).
Boats are measured from the furthest point front to back;
this includes the motor and swim deck if left in a down position while in the marina. The extra footage charge is added to the base price.

  • Inside A, B, C, D & E (interior) slip base price:  $1600

                                    Extra footage over 30 feet:  $50 per foot

  • Outside A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H Docks (perimeter) slip base price:   $1800

                                    Extra footage over 30 feet:  $50 per foot

  • Outside I, J, K & L Docks (perimeter) slip base price:  $1775

             Extra footage over 30 feet:  $50 per foot

  • Large slip base price:  $3250

Extra footage over 40 feet (Large slips only):  $25 per foot   

This mooring is a dock slip. Each slip has a dock finger on both sides with cleats to secure the vessel. These slips are uncovered. There is no electrical hook-up. Our boats stay in the water all year long. Live-a-boards are not permitted at our marinas. This is a vacation establishment suited for short-term stays.

The two marinas on Pine Flat Lake are owned and operated by Pine Flat Lake Marina, Incorporated. Each marina is located beside a two-boat launch ramp.

Deer Creek Launch Ramp
Pine Flat Lake Marina is located here with approximately 300 boat slips. the dock sections are named A though H with sequential numbers for each slip. Docks G and H are attached to the marina store all year. A, B, C, D, and E docks are in a large section with each dock going off to the right and left of the center walkway. During most of the summer this section is attached to the marina store. During low water levels, normally the winter it becomes a detachment with its own walkway reaching the shoreline.

Lakeview Launch Ramp
Lakeview Marina is located here with approximately 100 slips (and growing). Currently the docks I, J, K, and L are in one long section. With slips on both sides of the main dock.

Call us to see if we can accommodate your boat. If you are looking to buy a boat there are some boats for sale in the slips. Just remember that the boat and the slip don't go together. Sometimes a boat owner intends on keeping their slip so ask the owner and the marina what the slip availability is. Come up to the lake and walk the docks to see what is already here. You may not access the boats without a gate key. Permission and access can be granted when you inquire at the store. Before purchasing a vessel you plan to moor on Pine Flat, talk to the marina to find out whether your boat will be accepted, and also what slips are available.


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