About Us

The Business:
We are a small family-run corporation. We started PFLM, Inc. in 2005. With a previous marina business of over 30 years at Lake Success in Tulare county, CA., the move was made to relocate to Pine Flat Lake. Lakeridge Marina was purchased and became Pine Flat Lake Marina. We have grown by leaps and bounds in every aspect of the business from boat work, to the number of slips, to merchandise, to the entertainment on the marina. The corporation employees three families, several dock workers, clerks and boat mechanics. In August 2011 we purchased another lake business. Lakeview Resort, aka Benson's Lakeside Resort, aka Lombardo's, aka Pine Flat Lake Resort. In April we created a new marina, Lakeview Marina. With Lakeview Resort and Marina we hope to further accommodate visitors to Pine Flat Lake.

Our Philosophy:

We are blessed to work and play on the water with our family.

Our Mission:

We take great delight in providing you the opportunity to enjoy the lake with your friends and family. By offering you various ways to recreate at Pine Flat Lake we hope to make you a lifelong boater.

Our Goal:

Our goal is for our business to be a clean, safe and friendly environment where you can enjoy the boating lifestyle.

Busy Bees

We have worked hard to improve our marina. Here is a summary of some important changes.

  • redesigned anchoring system. replaced cables added huge ship anchors
  • Host first entertainment events at Marina
  • slips get new dock plates
  • restroom redo at store dock replaced two pit toilets with low flush toilets and added urinals
  • purchased Benson's Lakeside Resort and started renovations
  • Moved Success Store dock and "Trimmer" J dock to Lakeview to start Lakeview Marina.
  • created parking area for Lakeview Marina
  • built first big slips on G & H dock
  • created high water and low water road access to detached marina section of PFLM
  • dock expansion built three metal dock sections
  • E dock was added
  • G and H dock gains extension
  • "Alcatraz" is formed for delinquent, liened and abandoned vessels


"The marina owners kids come over and ask to see my catch; it's like that with their parents too. The owners are friendly and come around often to visit and see how we are doing."-Joe Roth

"We have a nice community of boat owners here. We are like a big family. We get together for seasonal fish frys and dice games."-Nancy Roth

"We sleep so peaceful on our boat. The waves rock us to sleep and we forget about worries from home." -Ken and Carol Nelson

"We have 'no bad days' (pointing a thumb at the same motto decal on the slider glass) when we are up here." -Ray and Jan Asdoorian
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